Do not get ripped off by buying a mattress – 10 useful tips:

Tuesday , 19, March 2019 Comments Off on Do not get ripped off by buying a mattress – 10 useful tips:

With different models from the same manufacturer, it is worth taking a closer look at the equipment. Sometimes, the cheaper model from the Internet only differs in insignificant details of the premium offer from the furniture store. If you invest time in a close comparison, you can save money.

  1. Compare mattress prices always online and in the specialized trade, pay attention also on possibly additionally incurred forwarding expenses.
  2. If you cannot find the model you’re looking for from other vendors, look for a similar model based on features and compare it.
  3. Do not be put under pressure by “hammer offers”, but compare the equipment in peace with other products, there are offers again and again
  4. Do not be fooled by test labels: mattresses are so individual that it is not possible to say in general terms that e.g. a test winner is also the best mattress in your case. Let yourself be advised in detail. Important criteria are here e.g. Body weight, sleeping position, already existing back problems. Looking for full size mattress sale near me, do not miss to visit our site.
  5. Do not be tempted by cheap internet prices so you do not trick a cheater: If the trader is trying to get you to an “even better deal” after the sale, e.g. with the excuse, “because the mattress is not available at the moment”, do not go into it, but insist on the delivery or the cancellation of the order. This is a scam some internet shops try to lure customers with cheap deals.
  6. Always check with online providers that it is not a mailbox company: Check the imprint and call the number below for advice.
  7. Googling for reviews about the provider, about dubious providers and rip-offs is discussed in most cases on the Internet.
  8. Pay attention to a 30-day right of return and exchange. Especially in brick-and-mortar stores, you will not be able to return or exchange mattresses without a written commitment from the dealer if they do not suit you.
  9. Always weigh up whether you really need “great additional equipment” and do not let yourself be persuaded by the consultant, who is usually paid in the furniture store for sales, to do unnecessary things.
  10. When bundle offers (for example, mattress + slatted frame) always check whether you actually drive cheaper than a single order bundled products.